Wednesday, May 12

Prospecting 650x Titanium Ore, results...

So, it's been a long while since I last posted any analysis in regards to material refinement. Hey, it's been a long while since I posted anything. About time I did, right? So this time I've collected 650x Titanium Ores that I'm now going to prospect. These were all bought for 10g - 15g ea.

The results then...

91xTitanium Powder
1xCardinal Ruby
5xEye of Zul
7xKing's Amber
10xMajestic Zircon
4xAutumn's Glow
5xForest Emerald
4xMonarch Topaz
5xScarlet Ruby
8xSky Sapphire
7xTwilight Opal
35xDark Jade
42xHuge Citrine
35xShadow Crystal
38xSun Crystal

My main goal was the Titanium Powder since I'm still acquiring new recipes. I did a similar investigation a few months back where I actually made gold by buying ore, prospecting, cutting epics and selling these while still using the powder for my own benefit.

I hope you can have any use for these numbers in any of your spreadsheets. I know I'll update mine anyways.

Monday, April 12

Those Mammoths...

Couldn't resist, really... Bought my second Reins of the Traveler's Tundra Mammoth for my Death Knight tonight. The main reason being that the DK has become my main farming toon and running back and forth to sell junk (or use addons line Bottomless Bags) has become really tiresome.

A small update on my Inscription then that is not going too good. To save time I more or less stopped cancelling my auctions and just posted again. This has exposed around 15k worth of stock on the auction house as I'm posting about once a day. The week itself hasn't yielded any boosts at all and my sales range from 86g to 392g per day. I'm not at all sure why this isn't working out for me. Any ideas?

Wednesday, April 7

Suffice with one glyph banker ...

@cmccarter and @Kraklin are now using more than one banker to manage posting of all the glyphs the game offers. I'm not keen on this idea as I want to use my limited 10 character slots for toons I actually play with as well. Three or even four poster alts are just not appealing as I'd have to dedicate a playable toon for posting glyphs.
@Kraklin commented on my last post and he said he used the idea I've outlined in this post. Why did you abandon it?
A quick check on wowhead and I find there are 345x glyphs total. 1x Pack of Endless Pockets equals 32 slots. 345/32 = 10,78125 ... or 10 packs + 25 slots.
A banker can carry 11x Pack of Endless Pockets, 4x equipped and 7x in the bank. I see no reason to have several bankers to handle the whole glyph stock if I keep a stock of max 20x of each glyph.
The trick is to use BankStack to optimize the storage and only use these 32 slot inscription bags. If you have BackStack to Sort Bags and Sort Bank, it will automatically move all glyphs to the inscription bags and not the 'normal' bags.
I've created ArkInventory rules to visualize the bag separation clearly and thus I'm able to swap out the bags from the bank. At most it will become three trips to and from the auctioneer and the bank, to swap bags.
The downside to this is the retrieving of mail using Postal as glyphs can be in the incorrect order and you'd have to swap bags to be able to retrieve all the mails of expired auctions or newly crafted glyphs. I'm still thinking on this one as I hope there is a way.

A small update on my Inscription problems I posted about. Thanks to @Gwyn for spotting that I still hadn't caught the changes where the glyphs only use 1 ink now. I updated my formulas and QA item groups. This adjustment jumped me from roughly 5% of the glyph market to about 15%. My sales have trippled as well (no wonder as my market share trippled *doh*) :-)

Tuesday, April 6

Too many glyphs ...

I'm quite positive that most of you have had this problem where you run out of bag space. I have now my main bags full in need of 46 (+1) more slots to be able to post all glyphs in one go with QA (the +1 is needed to split stacks).

The problem is that if I were to store the contents of my bags with BankStack's /fill command to move it all to my bank I'd quickly lose control of what's been posted and what's not.

How do you solve this problem?

Monday, April 5

Streamlined inbox...

Was thinking about if there are any addons that would remove the paging sh*t from the Blizzard default inbox and have it all on one page, preferably a resizable window. The default UI won't allow you to get an overview of what's in the inbox without having to click next page several times. I'm currently using Postal as it's the best out there but I found this addon called "Better Inbox" that is on the right track. Unfortunately it lacks the "slimmer" look that I'm after as well as a resizable window.

Do you know of any addon that meet my wishes?
1) All mail on one single page
2) Each mail entry on one row (I can live without the icons)
3) Resizable and movable window

Incription problems..

A week or more back I set up my "inscription factory" consisting of a Inscriber and a banker that carry the stock inventory. The Inscriber hasn't yet all the recipes yet but she's working on the northend inscription research every day and I try to buy any Book of Glyph Mastery that I can find on the Auction House.

So far I've stocked up with 20x of each glyph that I have that would yield 5g profit. The problem is that I don't sell near as much as other bloggers do, that I read about. I've calculated my glyph thresholds in QA using the below formula:
threshold = (ppi + ppp + ahd + mp)*ahc
ppi = price per Ink of the Sea
ppp = price per parchment (Light=15c, Common=1s25c, Heavy=12s50c, Resilient=50s)
ahd = auction house deposit (12hrs=75% of Merchant Sell Value, 24hrs=2*12hrs, 48hrs=4*12hrs)
ahc = auction house cut (5%) (put 1,05 in the formula above)
mp = mail postage (sending herbs to my Inscriber and sending back the glyphs)

The ppi is calculated from milling tests where I've logged milling of item level 72 herbs as well as item level 80 herbs. To simplify a bit I've averaged the valued from these different types of herbs.
ppi = (pph*5) - (simv * asipm)) / aiotspm
pph = Price per herb
simv = Snowfall Ink market value (I've made an guestimate of what I could sell these inks for on my server)
asipm = Average Snowfall Ink per mill (measured to 0,26 by myself)
aiotspm = Average Ink of the Sea per mill (measured to 1,48 by myself)

These calculations give me the following break even price thresholds: (I'd love some comments about these calculations, especially if you can spot any faults in my assumptions). The below numbers are not my actual thresholds as I'd like to make a few gold out of my business. My thresholds have been between about 2g40s and 5g30s.

Resilient 1 ink1g 33s 52c
Resilient 2 inks2g 12s 02c
Heavy 1 ink93s 83c
Heavy 2 inks1g 72s 64c
Common 1 ink82s 02c
Common 2 inks1g 60s 83c
Light 1 ink80s 86c
Light 2 inks1g 59s 68c

I logged from the beginning to see how things went and here are the results:

...PostedPost BO value
10-03-27 16:01334...
10-03-28 11:21341...
10-03-28 14:16306...
10-03-28 18:172472045g 21s 38c
10-03-28 21:542662024g 46s 03c
10-03-30 22:092701835g 73s 90c
10-03-31 21:512652783g 80s 09c
10-04-01 22:422471531g 75s 93c
10-04-02 21:572591841g 44s 68c
10-04-03 01:033672364g 73s 18c

Based on these posts I've also checked what my market share was after I've posted. It varies between about 4.5% and about 6.2%.

The sales been awful so far and I present here my sales:

10-03-27 23:40182g 37s 94c
10-03-28 01:2237g 51s 72c
10-03-28 18:1761g 53s 09c
10-03-28 20:4749g 34s 68c
10-03-30 22:09281g 05s 71c
10-03-31 21:51200g 14s 78c
10-04-01 22:4269g 62s 10c
10-04-02 21:57192g 66s 11c

I've found that not all of my competitors (far from it actually) differentiate between 1 ink glyphs and 2 ink glyphs. This makes almost all 2 ink glyphs impossible to compete with as they're priced as 1 ink glyphs.

With the above described scenario, what should I do to have my inscription factory lift off? Ideas, comments please...

Saturday, April 3

JC investments...

25 days ago I started buying all Titanium Ores below 15g each and send these to my Jewelcrafter to prospect. The idea was to get Titanium Powders and later Jewelcrafter Tokens. All this to allow my Jewelcrafter getting the recipes faster.

I was curious to see how much I actually invest since I get a lot of uncut gems when I prospect. These uncut gems are cut and sent back to my banker to sell on the Auction House. Also, I noticed the uncut epic gems was dropping in price (due to the 3.3.3 patch I guess) so I've also bought a lot of these to be cut and sold.

I used my script from a previous post to figure out how much I've bought and sold for during the last few weeks. BeanCounter says that I started my serious Titanium Ore buying 2010-03-09 at 20:46:23. This translates into the epoch time stamp 1268092800 when setting time to 00:00. To find this time stamp I used the simple Ooo-Calc formula x=(y-DATE(1970;1;1))*(24*60*60). Where x is the epoch time stamp and y would be the date.

The ingame script for Titanium Ores became /script s,l,h=BeanCounter.API.getAHProfit(player,"Titanium Ore",1268092800,time()); print (s);

The below table displays the results where the epic gem rows display the profit / loss for that particular gem including the buying of uncut ones.

Titanium Ore-23784g 16s 73c
Ametrine1020g 37s 71c
Cardinal Ruby1523g 10s 75c
Dragon's Eye-
Dreadstone3549g 72s 80c
Eye of Zul1039g 43s 84c
King's Amber3264g 05s 81c
Majestic Zircon2168g 05s 93c

-11219g 39s 89c

That's quite a big loss but I figured I would include the stock value as well. I have 49 cut gems of various types. The average post value is 201g 63s 45c which makes my stock valued to 9880g 09s 14c.

This wraps up to -1339g 30s 75c of profit (loss in this case then) due to my investments in my Jewelcrafter. I'm sure I could lower that value a bit if I included the sold rare cut gems, so why don't I?

Autumn's Glow1254g 46s 20c
Forest Emerald205g 39s 35c
Monarch Topaz787g 81s 01c
Scarlet Ruby1683g 02s 92c
Sky Sapphire677g 07s 16c
Twilight Opal554g 31s 96c
5162g 08s 60c

So when I include the rare uncut gems that are cut and sold I will actually have a profit of 3822g 77s 85c when investing heavily in my Jewelcrafter. That's a great surprise to me actually. This means I can safely continue with my investments. :-)