Wednesday, May 12

Prospecting 650x Titanium Ore, results...

So, it's been a long while since I last posted any analysis in regards to material refinement. Hey, it's been a long while since I posted anything. About time I did, right? So this time I've collected 650x Titanium Ores that I'm now going to prospect. These were all bought for 10g - 15g ea.

The results then...

91xTitanium Powder
1xCardinal Ruby
5xEye of Zul
7xKing's Amber
10xMajestic Zircon
4xAutumn's Glow
5xForest Emerald
4xMonarch Topaz
5xScarlet Ruby
8xSky Sapphire
7xTwilight Opal
35xDark Jade
42xHuge Citrine
35xShadow Crystal
38xSun Crystal

My main goal was the Titanium Powder since I'm still acquiring new recipes. I did a similar investigation a few months back where I actually made gold by buying ore, prospecting, cutting epics and selling these while still using the powder for my own benefit.

I hope you can have any use for these numbers in any of your spreadsheets. I know I'll update mine anyways.

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